Trip to Paris (Day – III)

Louvre Museum
Didn’t know about this Louvre museum as well .. this, it seems, is also a world famous place ..
we hardly spent an hour here .. taking a couple of pictures ..
came to know that Monalisa is also placed in this museum .. but didn’t had time to go inside ..

Journey Back Home
Largely boring .. sleeping and listening songs ..

Trip to Paris (Day – II)

Paris at Dawn
Subah subah french breakfast .. delicious krossen with orange juice & some other dishes jinke mere ko naam nahin pata hain which tasted equally good ..
then you go out and find fresh/clean paris air .. you board your bus waiting to goto disneyland .. life is cool .. 🙂

the city seemed much like New Delhi I should say .. lots of flyovers and tunnels .. big hoardings of philips/canon etc hanging from buildings ..
maybe the similarity was so evident because of the difference in netherlands cities and indian cities ..

Get ready for a full day joyride when you visit Disneyland .. one day really is not suffcient to cover whole of it .. but you cannot help it ..

Eiffel Tower
And finally – we got to what we were waiting for ..
amazingly Eifel was not covered in the tour package .. so we left the bus .. took the metro

ps – Did i mention that paris is completely covered by chain of metros .. I got the feel of Calcutta metros .. maybe because that is the only other metro i have rided onto ..