Project Khallas .. Back to India ..

Flying back to India this weekend. First time flying by Aeroflot. Will be going via Moscow (Wow!!)

Anyways, was trying to compose a Good Bye mail for the customer ..

Dear All,

The moment has come for me to say final good bye to all of you.
Let me take this oppurtunity to thank you all for giving me the valuable support for the project. I really had great working experience with you all – learning nitties & gritties about system and most importantly in learning about this country, the people and the culture. When I look back, I cherish each day and each moment well spent. I find myself fortunate enough that all my efforts were very much appreciated by all of you but I would like to give the credit to the support & guidance I received from all of you for the same.

This is one of those moments of my life when I have so much to say and I find myself getting short on words. So, let me stop here by thanking all of you once again and requesting you to visit us at India sometime giving us the oppurtunity to return the hospitality we received from your side.

Thanks & Regards,

Kinderdijk, Windmills & Mills in floodlight

Nothing much to do this week at work since project has officially been stopped. Did a little R&D on Netherlands. Found a place called Kinderdijk – Just like Keukenhof is a place to see for flowers/tulips, Kinderdijk is a place for windmills. Also, It should take not more than 20 Euros to go there and come back.

So, planning to visit this place in this weekend.

ps – They also have something called ‘Mills in floodlight’ which is explained as ‘During the second complete week of September all mills are lighted at night, which is called mills in floodlight.This truelly is an unforgettable memory for every visitor.’