While I was checking in my luggage, there was this boyish / annoying Air france staff who said in a somewhat loud voice “Sir, u have two check-in luggage sir !!” .. I just looked at him and said “Hmmm” ..

If this was not enough he turned to the lady at the counter who was busy tip-tapping at her keyboard while asking usual things to me “where are you going?” etc .. the boy said like a child complaining “He has got two check-in luggages” .. the lady also did not cared a dime about his complaint and kept tip-tapping the keyboard ..

perhaps the poor guy was new and did not know that in US bound flights two check-in luggages are allowed ..

When I took my boarding pass, I just looked at him once .. and he said smiling sheepishly “Have a nice flight sir” .. and I did not even replied to him and proceeded to Immigration counter ..