Crossing each barrier with confidence:) – USA – Philadelphia Airport

As soon as you come out of your plane .. first you will goto the immigration counter .. again the official at immigration counter can be a little rude .. you keep smiling .. general questions like

  • what is the purpose ??
  • how long ??

he would give I-94 to you .. keep it securely with you .. this document is as important as your passport .. it would be required when you go back to India …
Collect your luggage
keep looking for your luggage .. control your urge to pick others luggages (PJ) .. 😀

Get a taxi
Follow the signs to taxi ..

Crossing each barrier with confidence:) – Paris Airport

Paris Airport – transit Paris airport is one of the largest airport I thin ki have seen till now .. When you get out of your flight, you need to check the TV screens/your boarding pass to find where are they boarding your flight … feel free to ask the airport attendants in case of any doubt .. In my case .. I had to follow a zig-zag path .. get on one bus to reach a place .. got my security check done .. then on zig-zag path… came out .. then got on the second bus to reach the final waiting lounge .. In-flight They would give you the immigration forms to fill up which would be required during immigration at USA airport ..