Philadelphia –> Paris –> New Delhi

Travelled back to India this saturday .. travelled on Air France and the food sucks !!!! .. good that i had some home made sandwiches with me to satisfy my apetite .. yummmmmmmy ..
(someone suggested me to tell eating preference before flying .. we indians have a typical food taste .. which is not satisfied with most of the foods served by european / american flights .. i was ‘adjusting’ good till now on all the european flights .. but in Air France food sucked very bad .. I somehow managed while going to US .. but while coming back i planned to ‘take charge’ and carry my own food .. as i said next time i’ll definitely ask for Indian food when I fly ..)

hmphh .. in flight when I said ‘no’ to the food being served and brought my tiffin of sandwiches applied yummy tomato saus on top of it .. everybody was looking with a hungry look to me .. even the air hostess could not resist smiling when she looked this ..