Happy Birthday

Today completes one year when I came to US for the first time.

I took the flight on saturday evening and on sunday evening I set my foot on US. At 6:00 pm I checked in my hotel …. one of my fellow colleague came to welcome me – he also told me various things about US … what to expect and not to expect at US … many of them I find very amusing today …. dont go anywhere to travel in USA, else you’ll be mugged & lost …. fear all black people, they are here in USA to mug you …. etc etc ….

Today …. nostalgia is the only thing which comes over me when I look back … and try to live myself just 1 year before.

I had many dreams then.

I was unsure of the way things were going on in my personal life. I was unsure of the way things were going on my professional life.

But ….

I was sure of myself. I was sure of potential I had. I was sure to put things straight – just the way I want them to be.

And …

I consider myself very lucky today …. things have went exactly the way I planned them one year before.

And ….

next 1 year is going to be even more important year… I look into it with great anticipation, planning and tension …. nothing but your good wishes will help me put things the way I plan in coming 1 year and ahead.

Keep pouring your good wishes from all directions .. i need them now more than ever .. thanks … 🙂