Mile Sur Mera Tumhara

Ask anybody from my generation what above song means for him/her …. you’ll not get back an answer …. you’ll see him/her getting lost in memories … you’ll see him/her watching the video closely and smiling for no reason …… you’ll see many shades of nostalgia appearing at a time …..

itz really hard to describe the feeling (at least for me) that i get after hearing this song after so many years …

really brings back the childhood memories …. really makes me go back to those days and live them again ……. all my friends i had at that time … we used to sing this song in chorus and make fun of each other … we used to wait till the end of the video to see Amitabh, Jeetendra & Mithun sing the final line of song ….

also, reminds me of mom telling me that last few lines are sung by Lata Mangeshkar .. mom used to tell me earlier (before this video came) that movies are not for real and how a hero/heroine simply move their lips while playback singer sings the actual song … but i listened to her and could not believe this (it seemed so unreal to believe that the actor/actress i am seeing on screen are just moving their lips) …. until i saw this video …. when Tanuja starts singing “sur ki nadiyan har disha se … behke saagar mein mileeeeee” …. cut to Hema Malini “baadlon ka ruup leke … barse … halke halke …” …… cut to Sharmila Tagore “hoooooo mile sur mera tumhara” … and final cut to Lata Mangeshkar “mile suuuuuur mera tumhara …. to sur bane hamara” ….
this transition effect between multiple actresses i think made me believe that ok “mom is correct” 🙂

also, reminds me of how bhaiya & me used to make fun of some classical singers who used to come in the beginning of video …..
like pandit bhimsen joshi ….. bhaiya used to say “iski shakal dekh ke lagta hai ki isko badi tez aa rahi hai” ….. then there was other carnatic singer who used to say “nam nisssssssssssssayeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee yeeeeee yeeeeeeeeee”….. heee heeeee …

hmmmm ….. those simple and happy days …… someone please bring them back to me …..

PS – this video re-affirms my believe also that India is not a place to live … but it is a place to travel & explore …..

we should not waste the biggest gift that god has given us … that we were born in INDIA ….

dont u think we are so lucky to be born in a country having such a diverse culture while most of us waste our life doing what we do and knowing what we know …..

Blog I read recently ….

Here is a blog that I read today and liked:

Why I liked this blog?? … I guess if a blog touches on the topic which you tend to think consciously or sub-conscioulsy you’ll like the blog. Maybe that is the reason why I liked JAM’s editor Rashmi Bansal blog earlier, and maybe that is the reason I have lost little interest in her blog these days because she is rambling about things which is far from what i am thinking these days.

Anyways, I am quoting here some of the posts from the blog which I liked.

First one is the Indian dilemma (or should I say the NRI dilemma) of whether to go back to India or spend rest of your life in USA – once you get settled in USA.

Whats it gonna be? My India or My America
Yeah, yeah…I am back to my favorite topic of all time, whether to settle in India or US. In my mind there are no 2 answers, it has to be India. Yet enummerable examples of Indian born immigrants who were unsuccessful in going back lie before me. Will I be able to defy the laws, take the tougher road and find myself back in an exciting and enjoyable life in India…It remains to be seen…But horror stories and hilarious realities of life do make this decision a life-altering one. For all practical purposes life in the US is very easily comfortable, intellectually challenging yet socially dull and boring. On the other hand, life in India is not that easy, can be made workwise stimulating by personal determination, if desired and is socially very lively and fun

….. Also read The X = X + 1 Syndrome by unknown author! …

I liked X = X + 1 article; I found other good articles about NRI experiences on this site which you can find here; this NRIOL website seems to be a good place to spend your free time.

Incidentally, this is one of the most frequently asked questions to me from my friends & relatives these days and I am sure I am going to be bombared with them again when I go India for marriage next week, so If you also want to know my take on this issue on whether “I” will like to go back to India or settle in USA; here is my answer
1) I am currently on a project/visa where my company decides above for me.. so no use in thinking about it for too long.
2) I think that USA is a nice place to spend some time but it is India only where our (Our = Smita & Me) heart is and where we’ll want to settle down ulimately.
3) I believe in taking life as it comes to us and does not contemplate and try to change things. Whatever has happened with us; has happened for good and whatever will happen; will happen for good.

Anyways, let us change topic now and move on to the Second article which I liked on that blog; it was about writer’s interest in “Travelling”.

Before I present you the link and the article snippet, let me tell you that I think that my generation has got a suddent interest in travelling. Almost everyone and everybody I know wants to see more & more places in the world that he or she can. But for how long? As we get more & more busy with our personal & professional life; as we get more & more responbilites to take care of we’ll have to realign our priorities. As they say, change is the only constant thing in life and I think that 5 years down the line our priorities of life will change a lot .. and then maybe this travelling bug will take a backseat. 🙁

And the World Tour has begun!
My World Tour is a famous joke on me (which I don’t mind) that comes up ever so often in conversations with my friends and family. The root cause: for the longest period of time I kept citing my serious passion/ambition in life as travelling around the world and writing about my journeys in foreign lands. Of course no one believed me! Planning elaborate vacations to new countries is something one can do no more than once or twice a year; in fact if truth be told it would be great to 1. afford and 2. manage one such trip every year 🙂 given our chaotic work and personal lives.

Again … no use in contemplating the future. Quoting from forrest gump “Mama always said life was like a box of chocolates, you never know what your gonna get” …

… I am sure life has good things in store for me ahead. 🙂