I am a FireFox Lover and I hate IE

… just today I put Firefox banners on this page so as to educate those of you who are still oblivious to it and still sticking with IE for god knows what reason !! ….

… just yesterday I educated one of my friends on Firefox (how it is faster, how it is easier to close if hangs down, and how easy and common sense thing is the tabbed browsing thing) ….

Then I read the post by another Firefox lover here which also lists some “Hall of Shame Websites”

My question to Webyantra’s readers- Have other people encountered similar problems with Rediff or do you know of other prominent Indian sites that don’t work on FF? Or is this a non-issue?

Well, I would say that is definitely an issue !! .. and the one which cannot be ignored.

I am not sure about rediff, but I faced similar probs while viewing “epaper” version of timesofindia.com or economictimes.indiatimes.com/

what irked me most is my company corporate site (accessible via intranet) also has troubles with firefox.

I think the time taken for an IE window to open and then for me to type website name and then hit enter and then load for the web page to be loaded and then follow the link is WAY TOOOOO MUCH.

Hence, I have found a shortcut –> I browse through firefox till the page firefox is supported…. then as soon as I reach a troublesome page, I’ll open “Windows Run” and will type “iexplorer website name” .. hit enter … surf the non FF supported page on IE ….. close IE as soon as I am done with that particular page !!!

Go Firefox Today !!!!!!!!!!!!!!