Folk Songs in Hindi Movies

Three of my most favourite songs from Hindi Movies happen to be folk songs. All three of them are sad songs based on “virah” … they really make me cry everytime I listen to them.

Layi Vi Na Gayi
The first one came in my fav list recently. It is from the movie Chalte Chalte *ing Shahrukh and Rani Mukherjee – the movie I did not like in spite of the starcast being my favorite. And I did not notice this song back then. Recently I heard this song as sung by Indian Idol Karunya. And then I got interested and listened to movie version. I liked both of them a lot – and am hooked to the song for past few days.
My Fav Line:-
sachcha rab raakha mu.nh moR jaan vaadiye…
dil leke mera dil toR jaan vaadiye toR jaan vaadiye
haa’e dil TuuTiya na juRe dubaara
terii merii yuu.n TuuT ga’ii soniye jive TuuTe a.mbar to taara…

Tujhe Yaad Na Meri Aayi
This one (from the movie KKHH) is my all time fav and I loooove to listen this song. Especially when I am sad, this song has such a effect on me – which just cannot be described.
My fav lines are the opening of this song:-
Rabba mere ishq kisi ko Aise na tadpaye…
Dil ki baat rahe is dil mein,
Hothon tak na aaye,
Na aaye…

Nahin Hona Tha
Another song which I can listen, listen and listen without stopping. I love the picturization also – it has been beautifully picturized in Fatehpur Sikri.
The end part of the song is simply superb, and my fav

ab vaqt faisle ka nazdiik aa gaya hai
kya faisla karuu.n mai.n dil ne to yeh kahaa hai
dil ne to yeh kahaa hai…

phe.nk di mai.n ne galii me.n jhuuTHii rasmo.n kii a.nguuTHii
toR diye sab laaj ke pahare mai.n har qaid se chhuuTii
pag pag THokar khaa’uu.n chaltii jaa’uu.n a.nkhiyaa.n miiche
aage mere saajan ka ghar duniya rah ga’ii piichhe
aa’ii ki du’aa maa.nguu.n mai.n bichhaRa yaar mujhe mil jaa’e
mere piiro.n murshid mera pyaar mujhe mil jaa’e
apne laal dupaTTa mai.n ne dil ke khuun se ra.ngaa…
yeh sa.ngam ho jaa’e saagar se mil jaa’e ga.nga
saagar se mil jaa’e ga.nga…