Publishing news while it is still in making

I just noticed that is mentioning about New York’s New Year celebrations in “past tense” … as if already happened.

It is still 2:30 pm EST here which means it is still a good 10 hours to new years.

So, perhaps ibnlive guyz are feeling too lazy to post this news as an upcoming event for now and then update later in the night actually describing the event.

At New York’s Times Square, the New Year’s Eve Ball celebrated its centennial with more than a million revelers witnessing the lowering of the ball, which went ‘green’ this time. The motif this year was ‘Let there be light’ and featured a stylised, radiating sunburst on each of the 672 crystal triangles on the ball, creating a kaleidoscope of hues.

what the heck …. this just made me realise that somebody out there prepares headlines while the news is still in making.

It just felt a bit spooky, something like the villain in James Bond Movie “Tomorrow Never Dies” used to do (remember the quote “There’s no news like bad news.”)