Adios India.

I am slated to be back in US next weekend and it’s been a long time since I blogged!!

So I thought to take a moment here and catchup with me and my blog.

Well … life at India is quite hectic (especially for an IT professional and especially compared to US ) – one can hardly find time for himself or for his family or for his hobbies (like blogging or music in my case).

And mind it … this sentiment is not my isolated personal opinion, all my seniors and colleagues at work express same sentiments about working in India. Although this problem may be my project specific, or my company specific … but whatever … in past five months of my stay at India, I saw so many things around me which were “bloggable” and I thought to just sit down and blog about them but I just had not the time to actually do it. There is one of my seniors at work who used to spend his evening at US to teach his kindergarten daughter, but he cannot even think of having this luxury in India because of work pressure and timings. There is another friend at work who is planning to prepare for CAT/MBA in India (while working) but I know his most challenging hurdle would be to make this work-study balance… not the technicalities of CAT.

Just picture this – Monday to Friday one needs to leave for office early in the morning (8-10 am) and he/she comes back late at night (8-10 pm). First of all, you will spend full day in work …. where less time is spent doing “actual work” and more time putting a real fight against the system to make things favorable – this will take all the energy and juices out of you. Then you can give the small window of time during morning/night to yourself, your family and your home. Last, but not the least, driving 1-2 hours in morning and same in night against the “Delhi Jungle Traffic” – will surely make your legs wobble in pain once you return to home in night.

Hmm … in all & all.. monday comes and Friday goes. whoosh!!

Then comes the weekend – and here I am fortunate to work in a company where saturday/sunday is off. I cannot think of working in a company where they have just one day off .. although I have heard and read that all Indian IT companies are planning to make saturday working also…

Whatever … on the weekend one day will be needed for personal stuff like grocery shopping etc. Then there is sudden urge to “enjoy life”, “go out” and “have fun” (movies/shopping etc)… and make sure not to miss out the life in all this chaos. And before you realise Monday morning is back while you are still high and dry on last week chaos.

Smita and myself quickly realised the pace at which our life is going in India, hence we decided to let “one full day cut off” for ourself (usually sunday) when we let completely cut off from the world and are all by ourself…. although this time we had so much work to do in the weekend also, that we could not follow even this rule.

Whatever … in all, it was quite a hectic stint at India this time. I am just hoping that life in US will be somewhat better although I am not sure because of more work pressure.

Adios India.