Tunak Tunak Tun YouTube Madness

I have seen numerous “mad” tunak tunak videos on youtube.

If you have not seen any of them, here is one compilation.

Whoever has compiled and posted this video has described accurately –

“I just wanted to draw attention to the idea that how can a wacky Indian song & dance, drives the entire world to global madness.”

Decline in US revenue share for Indian IT comanies.

I was very surprised when I read about this.

BANGALORE, July 25 (Reuters) – Infosys Technologies (INFY.BO: Quote, Profile, Research) plans to cut dependence on the United States to about 40 percent from more than 60 percent now, its chief executive said, as a slowdown in the world’s largest economy hits outsourcing deals.

Infosys, which got 63 percent of its revenue from the United States in the June quarter, planned to boost contribution from Europe to 40 percent from 27 percent, while other markets would account for the remaining 20 percent, CEO S. Gopalakrishnan said.

If I am not wrong, US used to contribute more than 90% of revenue share for all indian IT companies (including infy) … and this was just 4-5 years back.

Back then my natural instinct said it will remain this way for next 20-30 years because
a) US is undoubtedly the leader in technological areas. (all other continents are just trying to catch up with them … in my humble opinion.)
b) Both countries (US and India) manpower have fluency in English language … hence they are perfect match for each other.
c) Being a big English speaking continent, it is hard to beat US as a market – from India point of view. (European market has “language” a big deterrent factor)

Hence I was surprised to learn that percentage share has come down to 60%!!! .. !!!! … that is not the end of it … IT companies are predicting that it will come down to 40%.

Hmphhs … this shows we are currently in troubled times. (although we dont feel the pinch)

One small thing to note – i have used the word “predicting” and not “announcing”.

Although infy has “announced” that they will target to decrease US revenues to 40% … but going by what i know about corporate mindset – infy top honchos must have realised this is actually going to happen – hence now they are just making predictions about it to prepare everybody for that doomsday, whenever it comes.