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Learn Marathi, Raj tells migrants in Mumbai

If I get power … I will punish Raj Thakrey by deporting him to all states in India and making him learn all the languages of India. (I will start from south). That way he will learn the basic concepts of life and why India is a special place in world and what he and his lunatic party is doing to destroy that … somebody needs to teach him basic things like diversity and “united we stand, divided we fall”.
I am getting used to this now – the famous ostrich approach – denying obvious truth to keep optimism alive in market.
I saw it few months back when all top US banks and management and government official where saying the same rhetorical … nothing can bring down US economy etc etc..
I think FM is doing the same thing … just trying to avoid a panicky situation – and hoping things will get better on its own – which is correct thing to do from his standpoint.
Moreover I dont expect him to say things like “Indian economy will fall down, there will be massive job cuts”. Isnt it?
Hence one should not read too much into FM comments. I am convinced slowdown is inevitable. However its impact is to be seen.
But there will be slowdow, there will be job cuts.
If whole world is going down – india cannot be aloof.. isnt that common sense?
welcome to the flat world.

Another One !!!

I dont know what kind of NRI junta this ad is targetting … but this is damn funny to me !!

I can hardly think of a conversation like this going on …

Boy – I love Bhelpuri & DahiPuri
Girl must be thinking – finaly i found my Bhelpuriya NRI !!!

PS – even the heading is too much “chat your way to a life partner” …. !!!