I think I found the Indian Obama!

Situation Vacant – needed a leader whom 1.2 bn people will follow.

Well!! .. I dont want my country to be called a copycat (of USA), that is to say I dont want to have an Indian Prime Minister who is similar in profile to US President Obama, who belongs to the minority or so called “the suppresses class”. (In US context it is the blacks who is called the suppressed class. So I guess in Indian context it is either the “lower caste / harijans” or it could be the indian muslisms!?)

But we need such a leader in India whom everybody can look up to, respect and wants to follow. That everybody means all states/religions/caste. It is ironic that Diversity which was touted as our biggest advantage is actually our biggest problem (likewise – population, which was touted as our biggest disadvantage, is proving otherwise)

Anyways, earlier I read/heard at many places that MAYAWATI is the Indian Obama!!!???
See the picture on right (as far as i know it is real picture) … comparing mayawati to Obama!? … that is one of the most ridiculous comparison I have ever heard!
The reason Obama is Obama is not because he belongs to the suppressed class, but it is that and his intellect, potential, attitude, ideas and the much publicized ideas of “change”.
Mayawati obviously is thousand wolds apart on all of these parameters.
Coming back to original topic, I feel a need of “fundamental change” in leadership (or at least leadership style) in India. similar to what happened in US this year. The thing that frustrates me most about politics in India right now is when I look at the two big parties participating in elections to be held in India, I see a big void of “good leadership” on both big parties – Congress and BJP. Neither party has a prime minstreal candidate who appeases me. (and I guess a normal middle class Indian like me)
This amazes me because of a billion people in India, how difficult is to find a suitable candidate for a position, which in this case is a good leader forthe nation!!! There is no-one on BJP side which I deem to be prime minister of India (Mr Advani I like/respect – but I dont see him as prime ministreal candidate for some reason)
The closest for a good prime minister candidate is what we have now – Dr Manmohan Singh, stillt I was not impressed during his last term of 5 years. Maybe if and when he gets reelected, he gets absolute majority, and will have a better backbone to govern and bring
about the change that every Indian is waiting for.
The reason I thought to make this post was today I saw a hope of light, when I saw following video of Omar Abdullah. I have been following Omar Abdullah for last 10 years, since I became political conscious, and I see a credible, honest man in there. I dont know how much of that is “show business” and how much is the truth … but he seems to be genuinely good.
To add to it – he belongs to the so called minority “Indian muslims”. So if by any chance he becomes the prime minister of India. I dont know how that situation will go and whether he will be able to manage the expectations…But that will be a good change, and I believe a positive one for India. There will be a prime minister from a religion and state which has a less representation historically in center.
That will show us as a true democracy.
So, I guess I will support him fully if he comes forward for prime minister chair.
(not to say my support will matter, among a billion people in India)
Anyways, I wish my country all the best for this painful and dangerour surgical procedure it goes through every 5 year – the so called Indian Election. I wish she (India) will come back smiling from this operation theatre, and will have a healthy government which will do good governance for next 5 years – which could be one of the most critical years for India.
Jail Hind.