Is Recession Ending?

That is what the economists and financial experts are saying all across the world … that the recession is ending (although they are saying that still recovery may take 2-3 more years)I think it may not get worse but it will remain this way for next 2-3 years, before the real recovery begins.Unemployment figures of USA in my opinion is one of the best ways to measure how the recession thing is going.Unemployment data of USA was published yesterday (for July 2009), it shows number of job cuts has drastically reduced for the first time in last one year.Unemployment rate was being predicted to keep getting worse till it reaches 10% … however for the first time in last one year unemployment rate is taking a U-turn (it has come down to 9.4% from last month 9.5%)However, as far as I have understood, the recession always go up/down/up/down … much like a sinusoidal wave.If you see the graph of US enemployment history (see below) you will see even during the recession there are some phases of recovery – then again more recession comes – then again some recovery — so I guess that is how it will go for next 2-3 years in USA … much like a sinusoidal graph.It will definitely affect everybody’s life … so let us see how it goes.US Unemployment History

US Unemployment rate

US – number of job cuts per month