Total waste of Time – I

This post is a total waste of time, so dont read! 🙂
Hmm, you are still reading!? … anyways, dont complain as you were warned 🙂
So I was watching Das Ka Dum on TV and this show ended with a famous Bollywood Song Tama Tama Loge (from 1990 movie Thanedar).
This song, as many of you know, was one of the most famous song of 1990. I am sure many of you must be in school like me and used to dance in your bedroom/bathroom on this song. 🙂
So, anyways, the point is that it brought back lots of memories from my childhood 🙂 – so my obvious reaction (which is very obvious to my closest friends/family) is to search out this song on youtube to listen to the song and watch the video… in fact I am listening to this song – on repeat – while I am composing this blog post. 😐
Above video is so 80ish 🙂 … the disco dance routine, which was a characteristic of 80’s “item numbers”. I wonder how’ll we look back at todays films/songs … say 20 years from now. I will probably have today’s post as reference, 20 years from now 🙂
It also reminded me of another song – Jumma Chumma De De (literary meaning Jumma Kiss Me) – which was a copy of this Tama Tam Song – or vice versa… we dont know which one ripped off which one.
In fact, there was huge controversy during that time on these songs of copying each other.
I think I also remember “some news” of these songs ripping off a “foreign song”. But I never heard about that song till now. So, I googled it out now (naturally, as you know me) and found that song is “Tama Tama Loge” by someone called Mory Kante – whom again I never heard of till now.
So, after listening to this song, I was thinking –
A) It is height of hypocrisy for those music directors to blame each other for ripping off their song … when the reality is they ripped off it from third person’s song.
B) I dont mind it them stealing, because both of these songs are my fav … I would have never known about Mory Kante unless these songs were there.
C) Thanks to internet, it is so easy to find useless facts like this … within minutes 🙂
Any thoughts?
PS – I found one song of Mory Kante that I have heard of before … It’s YEKE YEKE.
Updated later –
This is becoming more and more interesting, I just noticed the “making of Tama Tama Loge” video on youtube … HA! … I never thought someone have making of Tama Tama Loge and someday I will be seeing it.
It’s such a lame video! … LOL 🙂 … I have no words to describe.