Futurology – what should I wear?

This is actually not so rocket science – (wear warm clothes if it’s cold, wear less if it’s warm) – so you dont really need a software application for that.

Runner’s World Calculator Chooses the Right Outfit for Your Next Run – Clothing – Lifehacker: “If ‘run more regularly’ is on your tentative list of New Year’s resolutions, Runner’s World’s What Should I Wear? calculator can help you choose the appropriate running gear for your next outing.

You plug in the temperature, wind speed, and sky conditions, then add how you prefer to feel when you run (cool, in-between, warm). On the face, it’s a somewhat silly webapp (wear warm clothes if it’s cold, wear less if it’s warm). Still, for a lot of people, running is an extremely difficult habit to pick up, and if you’re starting your routine in the dead of winter, the last thing you want is to make your jog more difficult—so if you’re never quite comfortable once you’re in the middle of your jog, it might be worth a go.

What Should I Wear? [Runner’s World via Kyle Pott]”

But it still led me to think long term implications of applications like these on our daily life – I think the best part will be when all these applications will be integrated to each other like to have an application to recommend us what should we wear?
“What should I Wear” Software –
Are you fed up deciding which clothes to wear? … YES!
Have you wasted your valuable time deciding this ? (probably hours/days if you happen to be girl, no pun intended) …. YES! YES!

A database/software storing name/type of all your clothes.
It also stores which clothes you wore on which days.
Plus, this application is integrated with the “weather” application also – so it will be damn easy for it to calculate and recommend “what should you wear” – based on the weather outside and also based on the data of which clothes you wore recently (so that you dont keep repeating wearing same thing again 🙂 )
For boys – it will also recommend that these clothes need to goto laundry now (since you already wore them 10 times!! lol) … probably your wife can setup that configuration (number of max days to wear) – that will make her happy too!!
Hmmm … I should patent this idea!!!