Obama politics on Bush Tax Cuts?? (Hot Issue for 2012 Elections!!??)

For those of my friends who dont know about Bush Tax Cuts – read here.

Prez Obama fought his 2008 election with this promise that he will stop these taxes – especially for “Rich People”.
But now he is doing the opposite, he is extending those same taxes by TWO YEARS!!!
So yesterday when I read this news – I was wondering why Obama will extend Bush Tax Cuts if everyone is convinced not to – I guess even public polls show that 70% Americans are totally against further tax cuts for “rich”.
I saw this video with same sentiment of frustration and question-
BUT today Obama did a press conference to clarify and when I saw this video IT STARTED TO MAKE SENSE –
I think Obama is setting this up as a “HOT ISSUE” for 2012 elections.
After a dismal performance in 2010 mid elections – he might be a bit shaken.
In 2008 he fought mainly as anti-bush issues and “Hope for Change”.
But what issues will be there in 2012?
This might be the first issue he is setting up for 2012, and maybe more issues like this will come up next year – when he will “cave in”, just so that he can show how “bad” Republicans are and how “good” and “sensible” Democrats are.
Think about it!