2002: Matlab

Announcement Date: June 1, 2002

Matlab was part of Electrical Engineering Curriculum at NIT Durgapur – I worked on it during six months of semester course and also did programming probably for a week or two (I think it was Fortran) as a semester project.

I thought it was worth mentioning on this timeline as at that time I gave it a very serious thought about taking it as a career.

Since I had a major in “Electrical Engineering” – so applying my core tech knowledge with this tool would have taken me to the matlab career path. From what I understand, it’s heavily used in Power Systems and other core electrical technical areas.

I guess the main reason it didn’t happen was because it had very niche and limited demand in job market (being a specialized tool) – for which it was hard to qualify and compete.

Though I still wonder how my career would have been progressed would I have taken it as a career…