Github – automate sync between master and gh-pages

I learned on WordCampPhilly-2015 about gh-pages (thanks to Sal), it is a nice github feature to host/showcase static pages.

So I was just trying to incorporate this on my workflow, but after few commits I felt this is a messy approach to keep switching between master and gh-pages branches and keeping them in sync, hence I googled and of course found a better way to automate it

Just add following two lines to [remote “origin”] section of your local .git/config file:-

push = +refs/heads/master:refs/heads/gh-pages
push = +refs/heads/master:refs/heads/master

After this, you can keep working on your master branch, but then everytime you will push – that will automatically trigger the further push/sync to gh-pages.

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Hello WordPress aka AARUN.ME

I started blogging back in 2003 when I tried all main publishing platforms –, and – but at the same time google acquired – which finally pushed my decision to settle with due to ease of single sign on and availability of many awesome templates.

Also, I did not feel like owning my own domain at that time (and during last 10 year) and was happy with a subdomain.

I just kept tinkering with blogger templates and also installed and played around with wordpress package (on my local) all these years – making a subconscious decision that when I move – I will move to wordpress hosted own domain – but I will do it “when the right time comes”.

Finally it was in 2015, that I felt the call and decided to get my own domain and get rolling with WordPress.

As I write this post, I have finished developing a basic wordpress site on my local and I have also imported all my posts from

So I guess the new journey starts now .. I will see how it goes.


PS- I will test this site for a day or two and will then put a redirect from blogger to wordpress.

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Bharat Ratna :: Why the nomination framework itself needs to change!!

Bharat Ratna (literally meaning Indian Jewel), as we know, is the highest civilian award given in India. However I am not really sure if the framework from which it is given reflects the importance that it has.

This week it was pretty evident on media and facebook when Bharat Ratna was awarded to Sachin Tendulkar and it started a series of fierce debates on whether he deserved the award, or whether there are other sportsperson like Dhyanchand (and numerous others) who should have been honored before him, or even whether politicians like Vajpayee should have been instead honored.

Although I donot agree on the debate of Sachin getting the award – In my opinion (and almost all of my friends, barring few) it was a no brainer giving Bharat Ratna to him, given his contribution to world of cricket. He is undoubtedly one of the best in his field and a role model and inspiration to billions across all states/languages/geographies of India. But I will stop on Sachin-o-rama here as I dont want this post to focus on Sachin but on Bharat Ratna in general.

In fact, this post was really triggered today when I saw US president Obama announcing 16 “Presedential Medal of Freedom“, which is highest civilian honor in US – and noticed the contrast between those two awards being given.

I noticed many things that totally surprised me as I was not aware about those, so I am putting those below alongwith how I think it should be changed (my main source of information is wiki for Bharat Ratna and US Presedential Medal of Freedom)

1. Who should nominate for the award?

Currently this is recommended by Prime Minister to President. I think this itself is the root of many problems. A ruling party (or prime minister) judgement would always be biased and will not reflect the real picture. For example, many in Congress party do not even acknowledge that Vajpayee is worthy of Bharat Ratna.

I think nomination process should be changed so that –

a) Certain number of awards should be voted by the member of parliaments.

b) A fixed number of awards should be nominated by President (this would included personalities who are not popular etc)

Also, this could be wrong both in India and US, because in both the countries it’s the ruling party that is making these decisions without consulting the parliament.

2. Which all area of fields should get the awards?

In India, it’s typically politicians who get these awards. This is pathetic, it’s like from a country of billion people we dont produce excellence in other fields and we only have excellence in politics.. this is so far from the truth and even funny to note that we have “excellence in politics”.

This whole situation gives the impression of “you scratch my back and I will scratch yours”, which is what politicians seem to be doing all these years along. This has got to change, and recently they modified it to include sportsperson etc but I think still lot is left to be done on this front including awarding those who were missed all these years.

USA has a striking contrast here as they award it in almost all area of fields and politics is a small part of that.

3. How many awards can be nominated per year?

Wiki says that maximum 3 persons per year can be nominated.

This again, I think is very less number for a country of billion people. I also heard a debate on TV that increasing the number of awards would dilute its importance, but I dont agree to it and I think increasing it to 5 or 10 (or even 20) will NOT dilute the importance of award.

Note the fact that we have other categories (Padmu Bhusan etc), but I still think there are too many indian personalities out there who deserve Bharat Ratna (and many more who deserve Padma Bhushan etc) and that will be only possible if this number is increased.

We can also notice USA here (a country of 300 million – that is one third of India) giving around 10-15 Medal of Honors every year!  Something to learn how should we honor our best.

4. Should the award be nominated every year?

Hell Yes!!

Since there are only 3 awards given every year so we would assume it’s awarded every year, right? So wrong!

It looks like many year there are no awards given, in the recent history no Bharat Ratna awarded in following years –

2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2000

Only One award given in the year 2008

And Only two awards given in the years 2001, 2014

So, in Summary, in last 15 years, only 5 Bharat Ratnas have been given.

In contrast, in USA it looks like 120-150 “Medal of Honor” awards have been given in last 15 years. I could not find exact number.

4. Should foreign citizens be awarded?

Hell No!

There are global awards like Nobel Prize for global citizens. I am not sure what are we achieving giving Bharat Ratna to Nelson Mandela – no disrespect, I have great respect for him – but that does not mean handing over the highest Indian award to him!?

If absolutely necessary, perhaps we should have a new category called “Vishwa Ratna” (World Jewel) to honor those.

5. Special Case to mention – Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose

One last surprising fact I noticed on wiki is that Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose was posthumously awarded Bharat Ratna in 1992 and then taken back (I guess by Supreme Court directive) as it cannot be proven if he is alive or dead. What!! I mean not giving an award is better than giving one and taking it back. But I dont have a solution for this as supreme court judgement cannot be overruled and trying to give the same award again to him will cause the same confusion again.

In Summary, there is definitely merit in the larger debate about Bharat Ratna and I just hope someone from Government read this post and bring about the changes :) …  but that is not going to happen – so we are stuck with this system throughout our life and we should expect similar debates and controversies throughout our life, that is, as soon as it is awared to someone deserving (like Sachin), rather than honoring him will be dishonor to question him or her.

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Wealth Inequality in America, Perception vs Reality

Note to self – as I look through my blog, I notice I haven’t penned down a single post in last 2 years. I can take an excuse of my busy life in last 2 years, but I regret it too and have been thinking for quite some time to break the silence and return to blogosphere. So, this hopefully would be the first post in series of more to come in days/weeks ahead.

Anyways, this post was triggered as I watched a show on hulu of Larry King interviewing Former American Labor Secretary Robert Reich about Income Inequality in America.

Now, I have heard and read about “Top 1% of America” for last many years, but have not payed too much attention to that debate.

However as I watched the show further, this Robert guy really got my interest, so I googled (or rather YOUTUBed) him out, and watched few short videos on him.

There was one video which blew my brains off, and that really caused me to blog this, watch this below before reading any further –

As you can see on those eye popping graphics, the income inequality gap is not only real but it’s mind boggling. This also intrigued me further to google out what is the minimum wage at USA – and found it to be $7.25 per hour.

Now … few years back this number did not make any impression on me – in fact it meant nothing to me, as I did not know about cost of living at USA, in fact I did not know about cost of running a family at all as I did not have one (being a bachelor / dependent on parents)

But now having personally lived at USA for many years, I can imagine that a salary below 40-50k per annum in USA would mean a decent life but almost no saving. A salary around 30K per year would mean not a decent life, rather a struggling one where one would need to decide between house rent vs other needs of life .. and so I cannot imagine life of someone living on $7.25 per hour which calculates out to be less than 15K per annum. Ouch!

Now, on one hand I can certainly argue that back home at India – there are many people not even getting this much. A country like India is a real place to understand the issue of poverty and it will be scary to think about minimum wage there and on top of it the reality that much of the Indian population does not even get that. Note that Unemployment is another big issue both in USA and more so at India – but unemployment is not the focus of my this post, so I will take liberty of completely bypassing that in this post and just focus on the “working” people and if they are getting the wage they deserve.

What intrigued me here is not really the minimum wage or unemployment – but putting that in light of the income inequality … thinking that as a society we are letting a certain fraction of people go crazy rich while there are equally hard working people who are probably not getting the wage they deserve due to labor market demand and supply equation.

Here is the trailer for the documentary of Robert Reich, hopefully I will watch that too someday –

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Brand Loyalty vs Patriotism (in America vs in India)

Last year I saw an ad “Imported From Detroit” which has become my favourite since then.

Every now and then I find myself searching for it on youtube and just listen to it – love the style, the sense, the message.
However from the day I saw it – there is one question that keeps coming back to me too.
Should the (american) consumers avoid cars built by Honda, Nissan or Toyota – just because they are “foreign” cars? As far as I know most of these companies have factories in America – and even if they don’t, even if they are “purely imported” – shouldn’t consumers focus on what consumers should focus on – the usuals – quality, price etc.
The top rated comment on above video on youtube is —
“Buy American made” The three most powerful words of our time. Let’s do this people. GOD BLESS AMERICA. USA baby!
One of the reason I raise this question is because in India I see just the opposite.
Indians, on other hand, are embracing products from across the world with pleasure and without any sense of guilt. They love to wear clothing from international brands, they love going to “foreign restaurants” – McD, Pizza Hut, TGI Friday. They love to see new car launches everyday from companies across the world – and then go buy those cars in numbers ranging from hundreds to thousands. (which is why those companies are launching in India, to tap the so called “emerging economy”)
Bollywood is another example where I see this – apart from production houses and international crew – there are actors totally “foreign” who are being tried out and are successful and loved in India – whether it’s Barbara Mori in Kites, whether it’s Nargis Fakhri in upcoming Rockstar. They are brand among themselves.
I am not sure, maybe this has something to do with the fact that India was a closed economy for more than 40 years after Independence – so Indians know pretty much how it feels to have all “Made in India” products … they pretty much know how it feels not to have a choice.
There was a time in India too when “Made in India” products were being promoted – under leadership of Gandhiji, while India was struggling for freedom. Among other things it was probably identity crisis for Indians – but it is hard to believe that America is struggling with same kind of identity crisis right now?
This is kind of taboo question – I have many american friends on my list, so I didn’t really want to raise this question – but shouldn’t American embrace products from across the world with pleasure and without any sense of guilt … and shouldn’t get into a mindset which actually pushes them back on pages of history?
Brand Loyalty and Patriotism are two separate topics – wouldn’t it be better for the world if we keep them separate?

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LinkedIn is new Facebook, while Facebook is really becoming Orkut!

WARNING: a long and probably pointless post :) so read only if you have nothing better to do :)

I signed up on Orkut and Facebok at almost same time (in 2006) … but still in my initial first three years – like most of my friends – I was mostly active on Orkut and I had no activity on Facebook.
You will think the migration from Orkut to Facebook was because of the user interface of Facebook … the world famous “facebook wall” :) that pulled me and most people to FB … which is partly correct. I definitely liked the way I can share links, videos, pictures and even thoughts and comments … and my friends and family can “like” and “comment” on all those things.
That was really a great innovation from Facebook.
But that was not what converted me.
What converted me was that all my friends started signing up on Facebook and started “using” it too … so while it was the user interface that pulled me up, it was my friends presence that made me stick to FB.
I remember at that time I posted a status on FB saying “Facebook is new Orkut” – I meant the experience of social networking.
I also put a permanent Orkut Status pointing to my Facebook page – much like “Out for Lunch” comment you see on a shop.
Orkut did realize much later that it is loosing and started fixing things up, but that was too late by then.
Soon I found myself growing farm, helping my wife, mom, dad, brother, cousins and friends on virtual Farming – until it became too much an obsession – and I really had to block Farmville :-)
Apart from that “farmville phase” I really liked the way I could share information with people close to me … and the world seemed beautiful!
Or so I thought … unless one fine day I logged in and saw certain changes.
I saw changes on Facebook wall page – the layout was changed – if I may say so “forcefully”.
The privacy settings where changed – If I may say so “forcefully”.
It was like you had a home sweet home, which you absolutely adored … and some outsider came and changed everything!
What was worse that “The outsider” didnt stop there … he went ahead and opened all doors and windows and then left – for the whole world to see what you are doing which you intended to share with your close family and friends.
I remember that phase where everyone who understood the changes – was panicked and had to go and review each and every door (privacy settings) and make sure they are locked up.
On the other hand – there must be millions oblivion to the privacy changes – who are not aware how and what of their private information is out there public now because of those changes.
What makes it worse it “The Outsider” did not stop there and kept “innovating” and changing the look and feel of FB every month or so … when you convince yourself to the new look, they will “innovate” and another look and force on you.
They will promote worthless and mindless applications and let people post them on my wall.
It is ironic that while two years back I made the comment “Facebook is becoming new Orkut” in a positive way – now I will have to say the same comment in a negative way.
Because Lately I have felt that Facebook is slowly becoming as cluttered as Orkut once became – and the FB experience is diminishing.
I thought that I am too small to “fight against the system” and hence will need to accept whatever form it may come in …. but what I did not know was there is another world that was being built out there, which I was totally Unaware of.
That was linkedin.
Linkedin was earlier supposed to be a “professional networking” site – everything about linkedin had an “official” feeling about it – the look, the people on there, the “profile” – everything.
But sometimes in last 6 months, they have ripped off the “facebook wall” experience – by just copying pasting it – and to be frank first I laughed about it!
I laughed earlier because I saw LinkedIn as a “loser” who I saw copying a well known “wall” concept from facebook – but later I appreciated them and see them as a winner because I see there are people who are actually using those tools to network – to brand themselves – to brand their companies – to share ideas.
What Linkedin has done correct here I think is so far they have a limited number of applications – twitter, books and so on – which are relevant to professional networking.
Plus since it is a “professional networking” site – so all those stupid kind of facebook applications and status (I am sleeping, I am shitting and so on) are not there.
Facebook wall on other hand has become a mockery of comical applications like “how beautiful you are”, “how will be your day today” and countless worthless applications – almost all of them I have blocked, but even then my wall seems like a garbage dump.
On the other hand – I think one feels a sense of responsibility before posting anything on Linkedin – so I believe it will be “clean” at least for some time to come.
This all made me think that “nothing is final” and we have not reached end of “social networking” world – it is still in innovation phase.
So, as you can see, there is no real point being made in this post – the only thing that I wanted to point out that “nothing is final” – when Orkut came I thought that is it in terms of innovation (why didnt I think of it) – then facebook came I thought that is it in terms of innovation (why didnt I think of it) – and now linkedin is innovating and may include certain features – which may not make them as popular as facebook, but will earn them a respectable place in the crowd of social networking sites.
Only time will tell. But so far I am loving the social networking experience – be it on facebook or twitter or linkedin.
To end this post I would share one dilemma I had initially – that was to choose between these three social networking sites – Facebook, Linkedin and twitter – but then I found there are many tools available to help you … and you dont really need to choose, but to integrate all those … the one tool I have liked most is “TweetDeck” – but that probably deserves a separate post.

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The Saraswati Puja of Bhandaridah (from late 1980s)

I noticed on my “Google Calendar” that today is Vasant Panchmi.

And I am getting so out of touch that I only remembered the name of this festival but I didnt remember what it is celebrated for. (yeah I hate to admit, but that is the truth)
So I googled again and opened up wikipedia:-

Vasant Panchami (Devnagari:वसन्त पञ्चमी), sometimes referred to as Basant Panchami or Shree Panchami (Devnagari:श्रीपञ्चमी), is aHindu festival celebrating Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge, music and art. It is celebrated every year on the fifth day (Panchami) of the Indian month Magh (January-February), the first day of spring.

And when I saw “Saraswati Puja” – I was like wow!! That was one of the most celebrated festivals we used to have in Bhandaridah in late 1980s. How can I forget that?
I pinged my wife and here is the exact conversation that followed-
[ me ] :
[wifey]: i know
[wifey]: i used to wear yellow maxi on this day
[wifey]: when i was kid
[wifey]: it was v pretty dress
[wifey]: :-)
[wifey]: when is it?
[ me ] : today
[wifey]: oh
[wifey]: how do u know
[wifey]: do u celebrate ?
[ me ] : in bhandaridah saraswati puja was a big thing
[wifey]: hmmm
[ me ] : bachcha log used to take chanda from mohalla mohalla
[wifey]: :)
[ me ] : in our home – papa will easily give 10-20 rs
[wifey]: for me it was eating yellow things like tehri and wearing yellow clothes
[ me ] : mom will give 2 rs
[wifey]: :)
[ me ] : and so much bargaining mom will do
[ me ] : aunty 2 rupaye mein kya hoga
[ me ] : 2 rupaye bohot hai
[wifey]: :)
[ me ] : some regular bachcha log knew – (they were actually our old neighbours bhaiya log – babli bhaiya, etc)
[ me ] : they will ask me – vishu, papa hain kya?
[ me ] : achcha nahin hai – humlog baad mein aayenge
[wifey]: hmmm
[ me ] : then there will be small pandals in each mohalla of bhandariday
[ me ] : it will be holiday in school
[ me ] : so me & Amit will go each & every pandal and eat prasad
[ me ] : joined by other school friends
You can see just a simple mention of this festival caused both of us to start telling our own stories!! :)
I was thinking to myself it is amazing how important were these days in our life – but now we are not even aware that today is vasant panchmi / saraswati puja.
I wondered if 20 years from now same thing will happen – things which are absolutely dear to us now will become totally irrelevant 20 years from now?
It made me more nostalgic and I took the last arrow from my “tarkash” wikimapia/google maps – and zoomed in on Bhandaridah.
I zoomed in / zoomed out with awe – wondering if it’s still the same!?
I promised myself (yet once again, for the thousandth time) – that I will go back to visit this place, which is absolutely close to my heart.
I made a new promise to myself that not only will I go, but I will go there regularly – like every year or so!!!!!
To top it all – I made final promise to myself that when I retire, I will settle down at this place – on the bank of Damodar river – in a nice little cottage and spend last days of my life there. (which I think is not even possible, all the areas I know in Bhandaridah is government owned or politicians affected!) .. btw that reminded of the dialogue from Swades “apne hi pani mein pighal jaana baraf ka muqaddar hota hai, samjha dena us chokre ko!” – roughly translates to it’s ice destiny to melt and mix on its own water 😀 (sorry for the poor translation)
:coughs: … finally I just snapped out of the dream and remembered I have to finish things and I pinged my wife again-
[ me ] : will talk to you later on this
[ me ] : need to get back to work
[wifey]: :-)
…. and thus I came back to reality!!!

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Obama politics on Bush Tax Cuts?? (Hot Issue for 2012 Elections!!??)

For those of my friends who dont know about Bush Tax Cuts – read here.

Prez Obama fought his 2008 election with this promise that he will stop these taxes – especially for “Rich People”.
But now he is doing the opposite, he is extending those same taxes by TWO YEARS!!!
So yesterday when I read this news – I was wondering why Obama will extend Bush Tax Cuts if everyone is convinced not to – I guess even public polls show that 70% Americans are totally against further tax cuts for “rich”.
I saw this video with same sentiment of frustration and question-
BUT today Obama did a press conference to clarify and when I saw this video IT STARTED TO MAKE SENSE –
I think Obama is setting this up as a “HOT ISSUE” for 2012 elections.
After a dismal performance in 2010 mid elections – he might be a bit shaken.
In 2008 he fought mainly as anti-bush issues and “Hope for Change”.
But what issues will be there in 2012?
This might be the first issue he is setting up for 2012, and maybe more issues like this will come up next year – when he will “cave in”, just so that he can show how “bad” Republicans are and how “good” and “sensible” Democrats are.
Think about it!

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How to effectively use twitter!!? (FIVE suggestions)

Note – this post is supposed to be both a joke and source of information at same time. :)
It is a joke because twitter gyan is coming from someone like me who hardly knows anything about twitter or microblogging.
Although I got a twitter account more than 2 years back.. but it was only recently that I started getting more and more active on twitter and actually even I am in middle of learning to effectively use this amazing tool – I am still not a twitaholic :) if I may say so, although not necessarily a bad thing I would say.
But still this post is supposed to be informative for people who have not yet adopted twitter, they constantly see it mentioned in traditional media – they are wondering from the sidelines, what is this ho-halla all about and is this for real?

Let me start by mentioning that this week I got few twitter replies from few Indian celebrities – and I will hate to admit that it really felt good :) … that is probably an understatement – I was actually grinning like a three year old girl :) … even my wife asked me what happened after seeing that unusual grin on my face :)

The first twitter reply came from a popular Indian blogger iPatrix who blogs here and twits here. The complete twit conversation can be followed here.
Second reply was by Academy Award nominee director Shekhar Kapur himself :) The complete conversation can be followed here.
Ok, enough of self promotion and congratulation. :) … I will get onto the subject now.
As for any journey, it is best to ask yourself following questions as you start your twitter journey-
1. Who is your target audience?
If I take my example – I have roughly 300 friends at facebook/orkut/linkedin (same friends everywhere :)) – and I do have constant interaction with them on all these social networking sites – and I feel totally connected.
But same is not true for twitter? why? many reasons-
a) There is very less number of my friends who have signed up on twitter.
b) Even lesser number from those signed up are those who actually tweet. (because most of them signed up and then got inactive after 1-2 tweets)
c) Lastly, it is almost negligible is those who tweet something I can relate to and want to reply or retweet.
So that makes twitter totally unfit to interact with my real world friends.
And that leaves twitter as a platform to interact with “strangers” – or more specifically with real world celebrities!!
And probably that is the reason why it is so popular among the celebrities. Because they have such an easy medium to reach out to masses, get direct feedback from the people that matters most – “the public”.
And for us also it is a great medium to get unbiased views from those larger than life celebrities – unfiltered and frank – some of them have god like stature and fan following.
And that brings answer to the first question we asked – one should use twitter mainly for celebrity following. (and that is my own personal opinion, you may agree or disagree – but I see twitter mainly for celebrity following)
Let’s move on to the next question-
2. Do I really have time and energy to use twitter? Why another social networking tool after so many that I already use?
That is a very relevant question.
Since we already spend too much time online – facebook, google, RSS, news – all those things combined take almost all of our time – some of which we should spend in “real world” with “real people networking” that matters most :)
Twitter is really a “timepass” tool – it should be done at the time say when you have time to play solitaire or minesweeper, that is you dont have anything else useful to do.
That is the reason I really got active on twitter only after I bought iphone recently- I bring it out when I am really not doing anything and start reading tweets, replying and retweeting.
And probably that is the reason I will say is that twitter is a mobile application (although they do have rigorous desktop support) – but mobile is what brings best in twitter experience.
3. Ok, I am signed up on twitter and ready to follow celebrities – but how?
The key to remember here is whomever you “follow” on twitter will start showing up on your twitter homepage.
This is good and bad.
Good if you are really a big-die-hard fan of someone, then you will definitely want his twit to appear on your twitter homepage.
This is exactly what I tried in beginning … since I dont have anyone particular I wanted to follow – so I tried following all of them!!
But then it made my twitter homepage cluttered with nonsense coming from all celebrities – most of which I didnt care about. That also made the more relevant tweets coming from my friends to get buried at back. (and there are very few of them as I mentioned already).
Twitter gods must have realized my dilemma as just then they introduced concept of “twitter lists” – where you can create a list of people, but you dont necessary follow them.
Hence I invested one of my weekends in trying that and burned a list of all Indian celebrities I wanted to follow through lists. (and I unfollowed all those celebrities too)
A note before I move on further – you dont need to invest your weekend burning a list like this. All you need to do is find a list created by anybody (I believe all lists are “public” by nature) and then use some of below tricks to “follow” it. It may again sound self-promotion, but you can follow my lists also if it saves you time.
Anyways, once I had those lists created – it opens up a new pandora box of opportunities how I want to follow those lists – which I am still experimenting with.
As a simple example – I created a mash up webpage – where all of the tweets show up real time – and that is one of my favourite timepass pages now. (rather than running here and there, just sit on this page and read them all).
When I got iphone, I tried few apps to find which one supports lists in a good way – and finally hit TweetDeck which has a good interface, just like I was looking for.
4. Setting the expectations correct!!
The last thing is that don’t expect to start having real conversations with Shahrukh Khan and Sachin Tendulkar :) – or any other celebrities. You can start by following (or as mentioned just “list”ing) and just reading there tweets. Then you can retweet some of their tweets to share with your own friends (followers).
If you reply to their tweets – then expect no reply from them – as they get thousand tweets like yours – so the only way all can be replied if they have hired someone to pose as them, which will then defeat the whole purpose.
5. Updating multiple social networking sites status
Again taking my example – I have facebook, orkut, twitter, gtalk, linkedin accounts – and so many more. Everywhere I want to update my status and obviously doing it one by one will be foolish thing. Again, I am still experimenting on this one…. one site I did find useful till now is – a simple and FREE service that makes updating your social networks a snap!
Having said all that, what are you waiting for … get on the tweet bandwagon and start chirping … i mean tweeting! :)

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Future of Iphone – Small(S), Medium (M), Large (L), Extra Large (XL) … or XXL!!

I saw Steve Job’s iphone keynote presentation three years back in 2007. (before it was launched and before it become a household name) … at that time hardly anyone knew about iphone (that is among my friends), but I was impressed at this first presentation itself and totally sold out.

Last week I finally bought one for myself (yeah I know .. am probably the last one on earth to buy it) … main reason for delay was I didnt think up until now that I will need a smartphone – I am connected to internet 24X7, my commute is 5 minute drive – hardly any travel – all that combined doesnt leave any room for smartphone use.
So there wasn’t really a need.
But alas my last phone crashed, and I had to “upgrade” … so I thought better get an iphone now! Why wait longer?
Then my greed grew :) and I was also thinking to get an ipad too – but again I dismissed it as I dont “need” it… but it led me to thinking.
I started downloading and experimenting with iphone apps – youtube, netflix, bbc and many games – while I was getting amazed it again caused my grey cells ringing and I started thinking more-
I thought it is amazing how unsatisfied we human beings are – 100 years back there was no medium for long distance communication. Then we invented Television, Phone, radio etc … but we were not satisfied!!
We invented cellphone, internet … but we were still not satisfied!!
Then we started merging all those technologies – so a cellphone is not only a phone, but it’s a camera, laptop, radio (ipod), tv (youtube and netflix on iphone) – all combined on an IPHONE.
By the fast pace we are going – probably in next 5-10 years we will be done with this merging – then how will it all look like?
How will the electronic devices around us look like – say in 2020?
Then this ipad sarcastic image came to my mind-
This image, although so hilarious – but probably it is true.
I dont own an IPAD, but going by the presentations on apple website – it looks like ipad is nothing but a bigger IPHONE. (with almost the same features)
And maybe that is they key to our answer.
I asked myself if in future IPAD will replace IPHONE or whether IPHONE will replace IPAD.
But then I felt that the very obvious answer is – neither.
Both of them have got its own use. You can not carry an ipad in your pocket .. neither can you browse internet continuously on an iphone. (eye strain)
So if all those electronic devices will coexist then they will all have same functionality – because of the merging – the only difference will be the size.
So your Television will also be a phone and a camera. Your tablet will also be a television and a phone. And the phone which is already a mini-computer and a television.
And this is not a forecast for future … this is already happening and we are probably in middle of it.
Based on this, the communication devices of future will be divided in categories based on Size alone-
1) Size Small communication devices (eg-iphone) – basically derivatives of cellphones
-basically a swiss army knife in your pocket … will have all features with size constraints
– face to face video chat will be a norm
– probably GPS will also be just another app
2) Size Medium communication devices (eg-ipad) – basically derivatives of laptop/tablets
– you can make any phone call also through this
– watch tv on this if you dont want to disturb whole family
3) Size Large communication device (eg- internet enabled TVs) – basically derivatives of TVs
4) XXL – is obviously the large flatscreens of today :) , but having all other features that say an iphone has.
I vaguely thought of below situation, so thought to put this too to end this post-
Imagine you are returning home from office. You are walking towards your car and you get a call from your dad – you pickup the call and while talking get into the car and then fix it as a GPS device, while you switch the call also to a face to face chat. Now you are driving while having face to face chat with dad (which sounds a bit dangerous too … like texting while driving, but that is a discussion for another day)
You reached home in 20 minutes and your dad wished to talk to your younger son who is playing scrabble on his ipad – now rather than handing him the phone, you just divert the call to the ipad and then your dad talks with his grandson while also playing a few moves on the scrabble game he was playing.
After 5 minutes chat, your dad wishes to talk to rest of the family who are in living room and watching “XX got talent” (where XX is the country you live in :) )
Again – rather than passing phone one by one, just divert the call to your TV and use TV remote to accept – and voila your grandpa is on life size video chat on TV. Talking with whole family like he is just on the other side of balcony window. :) … since your daughter is big fan of the TV show – so you may want to keep the TV show on mute on half of the screen too.
I can keep on thinking and adding more, but I guess I will stop here :)
Thanks for reading.

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