Bernie LaPlante (Hoffman, Sphere) is not the sort of man you would peg for a hero. A small-time crook by profession, he chances to be the first person on the scene of an airplane crash.

For reasons that are inexplicable, even to himself, he saves the lives of several people on board, one of whom happens to be TV reporter Gayle Gayley (Davis, Stuart Little 2). Unable to identify him at the scene of the accident, Gayley mounts a nationwide campaign to find the Angel of Flight 104.

But it isn’t Bernie that shows up to claim the accolades, and the million dollar reward – it’s garbage collector John Bubber (Garcia, Ocean’s Eleven), who, after a chance encounter with Bernie, has enough details of the night to convince Gayley and the nation that he is the man they’ve been looking for.

Meanwhile, the only reward Bernie gets is a jail term for petty crime. Will truth prevail?


Dustin Hoffman, Andy Garcia, Geena Davis



What happens when a $20 million diamond gets stolen, then gets stashed in an unfinished building that turns out to be the new 37th L.A. Police Precinct 2 years after?

Jewel thief Miles Logan (Martin Lawrence, Bad Boys, Bad Boys 2) will have to go undercover as a cop to retrieve his loot. After a short jail term, Miles learns everything there is to know about the boys in blue, so he can blend in and cash out.

But the new cop on the block soon discovers that he’s a better cop than he is a crook. That’s until his old ways come back to haunt him.


Martin Lawrence, Luke Wilson