What should I blog about ..

What cannot I blog about ..
Persons & Happenings at my workplace – I cannot blog about them as it may hamper my career – the thing dearest to me ..
Persons & Happenings in my personal life – I cannot blog about them as it may hamper relationships with those who are dearest to me ..

What I don’t want to blog about .. (but I may have to ..)
Some article or some news ..
Content from some other blog ..
My take on Movies, Music, Books
I think reviews make a blog quit boring .. but I don’t see any other

A friend of mine – whom I have appointed as the official reviewer of my blogs – has suggested to blog on My take on life .. hmm ..

Second question When and How much should I blog
Daily – No
Weekly – Maybe
Monthly – !!!!!!?????

I think I’ll find answer to these questions in coming days (or months) & no use in pondering on them for now ..

Indian Cyber Heroes..

I stopped cyber-squatting around 1.5 years back – when I got into job – because
a) I felt I am spending too much time on Internet – which is not going to fetch me anything valuable (read – roti, kapra & makaan). At max, It would just keep on satisfying my alter-ego.
b) I felt I would blabber something about my work etc hence hampering my professional career.

Nowadays – not doing something valuable at work or in life – I checked some of the (cyber) places I used to visit a lot earlier .. two of them – pagalguy & vantage point – or rather their owners .. are worth mentioning here ..

Alwin Agnel & Gaurav Sabnis – owner of the above two places – it seems are becoming quit famous in the indian cyber world – and albeit the regular media also ..
I did not had much time to research much but what I came to know that BW had a cover story on Alwin Agnel and his forum – pg.com – where I was also once a regular contributor. Gaurav Sabnis – an MBA from IIML – it seems resigned from IBM due to some differences b/w some of his blog article & IIPM

I am a great admirer of both of them and feels happy for them getting recognized .. but also feel that the kind of effort they are putting in the cyber world – would they have put in the real world – the gains would have been (or would not have been) much more brighter, sweeter ..

I really feel sorry for someone leaving a job/organization he likes on something as trivial as an article on his blog ..