Hazaaron khwahishen aisi …

hazaaron khwahishen aisi ke har khwahish pe dam nikle
bohat niklay mere armaan, lekin phir bhi kam nikle

…thousands of desires, each worth dying for…
many of them I have realized…yet I yearn for more…

daray kyon mera qaatil? kya rahega us ki gardan par?
voh khoon, jo chashm-e-tar se umr bhar yoon dam-ba-dam nikle

Why should my killer (lover) be afraid? No one will hold her responsible
for the blood which will continuously flow through my eyes all my life

nikalna khuld se aadam ka soonte aaye hain lekin
bahot be-aabru hokar tere kooche se hum nikle

We have heard about the dismissal of Adam from Heaven (the biggest disgrace)
With a more humiliation, I am leaving the street on which you live…

bharam khul jaaye zaalim! teri qaamat ki daraazi ka
agar is tarahe par pech-o-kham ka pech-o-kham nikle

Oh tyrant, your true (bad) personality will become known to all
if the curls of my hair slip through my turban!
(Basically Ghalib says that your secret will be known to all the way curls of hair (representing complexities) slip through the turban (representing a respected man) )

magar likhvaaye koi usko khat, to hum se likhvaaye
hui subaha, aur ghar se kaan par rakh kar qalam nikle

But if someone wants to write her a letter, they can ask me,
every morning I leave my house with my pen on my ear. (I still love her!)

hui is daur mein mansoob mujh se baada aashaami
phir aaya voh zamaana, jo jahaan mein jaam-e-jaam nikle

In that age, I turned to drinking (alcohol)
and then the time came when my entire world was occupied by alcohol

hui jin se tavaqqa khastagi ki daad paane ki
voh ham se bhi zyaada khasta e tegh e sitam nikle

from whom I expected justice/praise for my weakness
turned out to be more injured with the same cruel sword

mohabbat mein nahin hai farq jeenay aur marnay ka
usi ko dekh kar jeetay hain, jis kaafir pe dam nikle

When in love, there is little difference between life and death
we live by looking at the infidel for whom we are willing to die

zara kar jor seene par ki teer-e-pursitam nikle
jo wo nikle to dil nikle, jo dil nikle to dam nikle

Put some pressure on your heart to remove that cruel arrow
for if the arrow comes out, so will your heart…and your life

Khuda ke waaste parda na kaabe se uthaa zaalim
kaheen aisa na ho yaan bhi wahi kaafir sanam nikle

For god’s sake, don’t lift the cover off any secrets you tyrant
the infidel might turn out to be my lover!

kahaan maikhane ka darwaaza Ghalib aur kahaan vaaiz
par itna jaantay hain kal voh jaata tha ke ham nikle

The preacher and the bar’s entrance are way apart
yet I saw him entering the bar as I was leaving!

hazaaron khwahishen aisi ke har khwahish pe dam nikle
bohat niklay mere armaan, lekin phir bhi kam nikle

…thousands of desires, each worth dying for…
many of them I have realized…yet I yearn for more…

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Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna

oo myy goddddd ….. i had to find amrutanjan to see this complete movie …. i mean it … i really had big headache after 2 hours of watching this movie and there was even then some bullshit that was remaining that i wanted to go through just because it’s a Karan Johar movie and I am a big fan of KKHH ….

hmphhh …. all i can say you can watch it once … not more than it … and even if you miss this once you have not missed ‘a movie’ … most of it I find crap going in super duper slow motion ….. but i may be wrong and some of sensitive married person reading this may connect to …. as Rashmi puts it …

Anyone under 25 and not married will find it difficult to relate to the film in the first place. Whereas the shaadi-shuda types will feel a connect – esp the conversations between Maya and Rishi on the need to have ‘discussions’ for example.

I liked just one scene in the movie (BUZZER !! SPOILER ALERT!!) … where everybody is taking dinner … Amitabh says a bold PJ (i m getting married) … everybody is concerned and tensed … Amitabh looks at SRK and says to her mother .. “just a joke .. your son’s sense of humour is so poor” … after a couple of minutes SRK breaks his silence and tells everybody that he in love with Rani Mukherjee in almost the same line as Amitabh put the joke earlier …. … and everybody again gets concerned … then he says to Amitabh .. “sir .. what happened to ur sense of humour .. it’s a joke” …

audience like me knew it was true and not a joke .. and for some reason i found it so ironic and touching … (the character of Amitabh was smart enough to read SRK’s eyes and know that he is talking truth and not a joke) ….

you must be knowing that KANK is picturised in NY but there is not much NY in this movie … but even then it reminds me much of NY … that is the city to be in … there is something about that city that separates it from the rest of the world …