Can I have some pizza ??

I was waiting for the bus .. a black man arrives .. a black lady unpacking the pizza she bought from somewhere .. this black man (a college goer i think) looked at the pizza and asked the lady “Mam .. can i have some pizza out of that?” .. the lady looked at him quit normally and said “I am sorry!??” and continued eating ..

the conversation stopped here ..

i still could not understand what happened ??

did the decent looking black man begged ?? if yes, why?? he did not look like a beggar ?? the lady replied as she was expecting this ??!! .. she sounded so cool and not at all surprised in replyin “I am sorry!??” ..

maybe I would understand if i live for some more time in this strange country ..

Jigesh koro naaaa …

I was sitting at the bus stop waiting for my bus .. when this young indian couple arrives .. they look at the schedule and map posted at the stop .. and started discussing with an american girl sitting there about bus routes / bus passes etc ..

A bus arrives on the scene .. most of the ppl standing on the bus stop gets onto that bus including the american girl whom the indian couple was inquiring ..

few minutes later these words i hear “aee .. abki tumi jigesh korbe .. dekho mey thake – to aami jigesh korle naa !!?? .. tumi hamesha eta hi korche .. aami jaani na .. sheta chele aache .. tumi jigesh kor” .. (sorry for my poor bengali .. this roughly means that .. “hey .. now you would ask .. last time it was a girl so i asked !!?? .. you always do like this .. i dont know anything .. this is a guy .. so u’ll have to ask) ..

hee heee .. these poor people did not know that i have lived four years in bengal and can understand most of bengali ..

i really could not help but smiled and looked at them .. to which both of them smiled back as they understood that i have understood what they were talking about ..