How to get into your own Bathroom!?

It’s a long due post (I drafted long back – 12/13/09, but never completed), so here you go……..

I had a terrific dinner tonight (home made tandoori roti and chilli chicken, thanks to Smita, my lovely wife).

So after finishing up the dinner I went to bathroom to wash my hands and what I see –
“We have locked ourself out from the bathroom, it got locked from inside!!”


I was not surprised really (because it happened with us 2nd time, umm 3rd actually, 1st time it happened with bathroom, 2nd time with bedroom) … but I was disappointed – why me? … come on, not again. :(
So I went back to kitchen to inform Smita, and umm, wash my hands too. When I told Smita, she smiled back at me thinking I must be kidding (things like this doesnt happen on Sunday night 9:30pm… right?) … wrong! … Smita looked at me again and saw I am not kidding – what!!! again!!?? …. I said (like it’s my fault) – umm, yeah (with a sorry tone) …. and I added to my defence – “so, umm, who went last time to bathroom” (that was not relevant i know, but I couldnt come up with anything else to defend myself)
so, what next? well, the good thing about it happening for the third time is I have the emergency phone number for maintenance guyz … but last 2 time both me and Smita observed how they unlocked the lock using screw driver etc… and Smita must be reading my mind, so she asked to do try it ourself if we can unlock it.
I still feared if we’ll break anything we will be charged humongous amount (I have heard about similar stories) – so maybe we should better leave it for professionals – but then I thought maybe we can give it a try, why not, we will stop at the point when we feel we are breaking anything.
So, both Smita and I went back to bathroom door with a screw driver, now another problem – it was a philips screw – so it needed that four headed crossed philips screw driver!
So I thought to accept my defeat, but then I saw my wife coming up from kitchen with a “Peeler”
I thought to myself, ok right! like that is gonna work!? … hah! … my wife started giving it a try, but we felt we are doing it wrong… so I said – leave it … let me call maintenance.
As the luck’ll have it – even Maintenance guy doesnt wanted to come out 10pm – He asked 50$ for coming – when I asked in most humble voice isnt it supposed to be free, he said that is during the day, not during like middle of night.
He further added we should try opening the lock ourself. He explained some technicalities too over the phone – which all went over my head. Sensing my tone he said – “why dont you just give it a try, I will give you a visit tomorrow morning anyways to see if it worked out for you” – I thought that sounds reasonable. So said ok.
Now, Me vs the Door – again – I manage to do the first part correctly – open the screws and push a part of lock back to fall inside the bathroom. But the 2nd part was to somehow “click the lock open with screw driver” – which even after 5 minute desperate tries with screwdriver – I was not able to do.
I remember searching on internet too – and I think I even found the patent page for the lock – but that all was not helpful.
I dont remember if it was Smita’s idea or mine (I think it was Smita’s idea) – but we decided to now try it on a Bedroom door lock :) …. since that door was already open – so I can look both side of the door lock – and can understand the mechanics – and if we mess up anything, the doorman is coming next day anyways.
So, I tried with bedroom door and figured out the trick. I went back to bathroom door, tried the same trick – CLICK – and the door opened.
I cannot tell you the joy when this happened (rather unexpectedly) … even my wife was so happy and proud of me – I just cannot tell you! … I guess even I felt like a Macho Husband! 😀 … LOL :)
So, anyways, all is well that ends well!

2 thoughts on “How to get into your own Bathroom!?

  1. ROFL !!! This makes me remember – once my room got locked from inside on a Friday night – and I had to spend whole night waiting for my land lady out side my room !!! It was a nightmare !! and in the morning when the land lady did not return I called the Lock – Smith !! And the Lock Smith and Land lady arrived together !! So the Lock-Smith dint hav to do any thing !! But I ended up paying him $100 just for turning Up !! Phew !

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