The iPad Hulla Bol!

There was too much hype about the tablet from Apple to be released in January 2010 – and release they did – The iPad.

Well … I didnt like it in the first impression itself.
I still remember the iphone presentation by Steve Jobs which I saw 3 years ago. Jobs presentation skills deserve a separate post, but let’s focus on the product in this post.
At that time, just looking at the product/presentation, I knew this is going to be a superhit with consumers and will grab a good share of the smartphone market (taking marketshare from smartphones like BB, palm treo etc) … and it did. When I saw that presentation iphone was not released and there was not too much mention of it in mainstream media (geek blogs were full of it though) … but my geeky sense told me it’s gonna be something.
But my geeky sense is not that sure about the iPad. 😐
It is still a month away till iPad will be released and only then we’ll be able to know how it performs. Still, in last month, there were too many interesting reviews on iPad (mostly negative) and related tablet market . I will use this post mostly to aggregate those links.
The first one is review of iPad by none other than Hitler. (i have seen so many versions of this Hitler video, but the iPad one is best)
Next comes what I really felt about iPad – it is nothing but a bigger iPhone. [Source]
Can’t wait to get your hands on an iPad? Miffed that Amazon.de took down the iPad preorder page? Generally at the end of your rope?Fortunately, there’s an app a peripheral for that: the iPhad. “Turn your iPhone into a full-fledged iPad with this easy to install add-on.”Unfortunately, the “add to cart” button for the iPhad appears to be broken at Seven’s Heaven,the home of illustrator Metin Seven.Some might say that tacking a magnifying glass onto an iPhone to turn it into an iPad is unwieldy — even satirical! — but we’re holding out hope.
The reviews on Lifehacker were the best one I read –
There was another thing which I read about iPad is it doesnt support flash (means will not play youtube videos, just for example). Moreover I read about Steve Jobs supporting that decision – rather than fixing it – saying HTML5 will have the functionalities that flash has. http://www.slate.com/id/2243422/
But I dont buy that argument. I think Jobs is overdoing his future-looking-thing, it might take a while for HTML5 to replace flash – and even if it does say in 5 years. Till that time Tablet market will be claimed.
Then there was one of the most comical comparison I saw – iPad vs Stone Tablet
There is hardly any difference between the two – except stone can do multitasking … LOL :)
Lastly there was a youtube video summarizing it best – iPad Keynote in less than 180 Seconds: Incredible, Beautiful, Amazing!
This might be usual part of any presentation where you praise your product, but it definitely felt like Jobs and his team is pushing hard this product. They are doing it the INFOMERCIAL-way … not doing the apple way – where you just create a good product and capture consumers imagination.
Anyways, let’s now look at the competition, because almost every company is jumping on Bandwagon. First one I saw was Google’s own tablet (still in concept stage)
Next one I read was “Made in India” Adam … and I have read good reviews about this tablet so far, still I am keeping my fingers crossed.
Hmm – long story short, the tablet market is just starting now, and I think it will create a marketplace of its own. But I dont think it will cannibalize notebook or netbook market, (umm maybe it will a little), but I think these all products will co-exist, your notebook/netbook will not be rendered useless.

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