Internet Speed – India vs USA

It is probably not fair to compare the two, still.

I read this article on trak.in about Google plans to experiment very high speed internet connection upto 1GB/s at selected US locations (see video at end).

Also saw this screenshot by the blog owner, Arun Prabhudesai, about the dismal Internet speed at India (screenshot below) … as we can see the internet speed is hardly 0.4MBPS. (and this is broadband high speed connection, not the dialup types which we used to use 8 years back that kept loading forever)
Now, Last time I was at delhi, they used to charge around Rs 700 (I had Airtel broadband). (around 15.5$) … although unitary methods should not be used for such cases but still by simple maths this turns out 30$ to use 1MB/s speed in India. (15.5$/0.5)
I thought to check internet speed at my home @ Pennsylvania to see how it turns out.
It turned out to be 20 MB/s!!
Now, I have comcast here and I pay around 45$ per month (incidentally, I used to pay 20$ promotional price for first six month.)
So in this case, it comes out around 2.25$ to use 1MB/s in US.
Summary – from elementary mathematics it sounds like we pay 10-15 times more in India, and we get a dismal service… still we have made some progress so far, so hopefully will improve upon in future.
Less said the better, we do have a long way to go.
PS – here is the video-

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