Is there really any difference at all?

I am not a political expert (certainly not in American Politics), still…

George Bush vowed for War in Iraq.

Barack Obama is rooting for War in Afghanistan.
George Bush had government do uncontrolled spending, causing huge national debt.
Barack Obama – doesnt have a choice, has to todo same thing to bring economy back on its knee.
… I can keep on going, but they say pictures are worth thousand words …
Below are the pictures I noticed, Barack Obama’s one was the one I noticed few days back on facebook [here].

George Bush’s picture is the one I noticed today. [here].

I gave you the links above so that you can check yourself that these are genuine pictures, not tampered with at all!! :)

2 thoughts on “Is there really any difference at all?

  1. Expecting individuals to make a big difference without the masses moving their asses is a folly we have been involved in for long. If you have the time and appetite, read Tolstoy's War and Peace sometime, he gives a nice perspective on how an individual is just an instrument in the hands of the herd's mentality.

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